This shows copying from local to a domain sysvol to update the policy store. But really it is just an example of copying local to remote.

NOTE: Since this references copying into the domain sysvol you MUST perform this as a domain or enterprise admin. If you can copy to sysvol without those creds you have some serious problems and go fix that now!

# Copying admx/adml files to the central store will fail when copying from a UNC path to a UNC path. Have to stage the files locally then copy over. 
Copy-Item -Path "C:\Shared\Data\OneDrive_admx-l\OneDrive.admx" -Destination "\\\SYSVOL\DOMAIN.COM\Policies\PolicyDefinitions"

# If copying all files in a dir use similar to:
Copy-Item -Path "C:\Scraps\copy\ADMX\*" -Destination "\\\SYSVOL\DOMAIN.COM\Policies\PolicyDefinitions"