pwsh..Az Login

AzureCLI Endpoints when behind a proxy

To Login

login to gcch by setting the cloud type first

az cloud set --name AzureUSGovernment

Then login:

az login 

Welcome to Azure CLI! – always good to see

Use az -h to see available commands or go to

Welcome to the cool new Azure CLI! – Everything below is a dump from the terminal for reference.

Use az --version to display the current version.
Here are the base commands:

account             : Manage Azure subscription information.
acr                 : Manage private registries with Azure Container Registries.
ad                  : Manage Azure Active Directory Graph entities needed for Role Based Access
advisor             : Manage Azure Advisor.
afd                 : Manage Azure Front Door Standard/Premium. For classical Azure Front Door,
                     please refer
aks                 : Manage Azure Kubernetes Services.
ams                 : Manage Azure Media Services resources.
apim                : Manage Azure API Management services.
appconfig           : Manage App Configurations.
appservice          : Manage App Service plans.
aro                 : Manage Azure Red Hat OpenShift clusters.
backup              : Manage Azure Backups.
batch               : Manage Azure Batch.
bicep               : Bicep CLI command group.
billing             : Manage Azure Billing.
bot                 : Manage Microsoft Azure Bot Service.
cache               : Commands to manage CLI objects cached using the `--defer` argument.
capacity            : Manage capacity resources.
cdn                 : Manage Azure Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).
cloud               : Manage registered Azure clouds.
cognitiveservices   : Manage Azure Cognitive Services accounts.
config              : Manage Azure CLI configuration.
configure           : Manage Azure CLI configuration. This command is interactive.
connection          : Commands to manage Service Connector local connections which allow local
                     environment to connect Azure Resource. If you want to manage connection for
                     compute service, please run 'az webapp/containerapp/spring connection'.
consumption         : Manage consumption of Azure resources.
container           : Manage Azure Container Instances.
cosmosdb            : Manage Azure Cosmos DB database accounts.
databoxedge         : Support data box edge device and management.
deployment          : Manage Azure Resource Manager template deployment at subscription scope.
deployment-scripts  : Manage deployment scripts at subscription or resource group scope.
deploymentmanager   : Create and manage rollouts for your service.
disk                : Manage Azure Managed Disks.
disk-access         : Manage disk access resources.
disk-encryption-set : Disk Encryption Set resource.
dla                 : Manage Data Lake Analytics accounts, jobs, and catalogs.
dls                 : Manage Data Lake Store accounts and filesystems.
dms                 : Manage Azure Data Migration Service (classic) instances.
eventgrid           : Manage Azure Event Grid topics, domains, domain topics, system topics
                     partner topics, event subscriptions, system topic event subscriptions and
                     partner topic event subscriptions.
eventhubs           : Manage Azure Event Hubs namespaces, eventhubs, consumergroups and geo
                     recovery configurations - Alias.
extension           : Manage and update CLI extensions.
feature             : Manage resource provider features.
feedback            : Send feedback to the Azure CLI Team.
find                : I'm an AI robot, my advice is based on our Azure documentation as well as
                     the usage patterns of Azure CLI and Azure ARM users. Using me improves
                     Azure products and documentation.
functionapp         : Manage function apps. To install the Azure Functions Core tools see
group               : Manage resource groups and template deployments.
hdinsight           : Manage HDInsight resources.
identity            : Managed Identities.
image               : Manage custom virtual machine images.
interactive         : Start interactive mode. Installs the Interactive extension if not
                     installed already.
iot                 : Manage Internet of Things (IoT) assets.
keyvault            : Manage KeyVault keys, secrets, and certificates.
kusto               : Manage Azure Kusto resources.
lab                 : Manage Azure DevTest Labs.
lock                : Manage Azure locks.
logicapp            : Manage logic apps.
login               : Log in to Azure.
logout              : Log out to remove access to Azure subscriptions.
managed-cassandra   : Azure Managed Cassandra.
managedapp          : Manage template solutions provided and maintained by Independent Software
                     Vendors (ISVs).
managedservices     : Manage the registration assignments and definitions in Azure.
maps                : Manage Azure Maps.
mariadb             : Manage Azure Database for MariaDB servers.
monitor             : Manage the Azure Monitor Service.
mysql               : Manage Azure Database for MySQL servers.
netappfiles         : Manage Azure NetApp Files (ANF) Resources.
network             : Manage Azure Network resources.
policy              : Manage resource policies.
postgres            : Manage Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers.
ppg                 : Manage Proximity Placement Groups.
private-link        : Private-link association CLI command group.
provider            : Manage resource providers.
redis               : Manage dedicated Redis caches for your Azure applications.
relay               : Manage Azure Relay Service namespaces, WCF relays, hybrid connections, and
resource            : Manage Azure resources.
resourcemanagement  : Resourcemanagement CLI command group.
rest                : Invoke a custom request.
restore-point       : Manage restore point with res.
role                : Manage user roles for access control with Azure Active Directory and
                     service principals.
search              : Manage Azure Search services, admin keys and query keys.
security            : Manage your security posture with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
servicebus          : Manage Azure Service Bus namespaces, queues, topics, subscriptions, rules
                     and geo-disaster recovery configuration alias.
sf                  : Manage and administer Azure Service Fabric clusters.
sig                 : Manage shared image gallery.
signalr             : Manage Azure SignalR Service.
snapshot            : Manage point-in-time copies of managed disks, native blobs, or other
sql                 : Manage Azure SQL Databases and Data Warehouses.
sshkey              : Manage ssh public key with vm.
staticwebapp        : Manage static apps.
storage             : Manage Azure Cloud Storage resources.
survey              : Take Azure CLI survey.
synapse             : Manage and operate Synapse Workspace, Spark Pool, SQL Pool.
tag                 : Tag Management on a resource.
term                : Manage marketplace agreement with marketplaceordering.
ts                  : Manage template specs at subscription or resource group scope.
upgrade             : Upgrade Azure CLI and extensions.
version             : Show the versions of Azure CLI modules and extensions in JSON format by
                     default or format configured by --output.
vm                  : Manage Linux or Windows virtual machines.
vmss                : Manage groupings of virtual machines in an Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set
webapp              : Manage web apps.